Turner’s Top Five Albums of 2013

These are the soundtrack highlights of this foul year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen.
1. The Dismemberment Plan Uncannney Valley–‘Grown up,’ funky, complex and catchy.

2. Hayden Us Alone–warm and complex with flashes of Rick Springfield or Cars synths.

3. Kirin J Callinan Embracism–Raw, dirty, hilarious and uplifting. Very fresh and creative.

4. Tera Melos X’ed Out–Math rock with heart, mushrooms and serious effects pedals.

5. Zorch ZZOORRCCHH–Psychedelic synth punk; Assacre meets Lightning Bolt!

I’m really looking forward to the new Mew album in 2014. Happy New Year, perverts!

About framefarm

Hello. My name is Jeff Turner. I shoot, edit and pet dogs. I cannot be stopped.
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